Graduated in Tourism, I have always been passionate about discovering the world. To this day, with my husband, I had the chance to discover more than 40 countries and we lived 3 years in Latvia.

I have always organized our own trips, without ever going through an agency. And as soon as I start to search and book, I'm already gone ...

When I make my relatives and friends enjoy my explorations, I feel the same pleasure as if I was preparing my own trip.

There is nothing more rewarding than discovering other cultures, meeting new people and enjoying the wonderful riches of our planet!

The idea of becoming a travel coach came to me because I often heard around me that it was not always easy to organize your itinerary but also that it was often too expensive to go through an agency. It also requires a lot of search time. From this observation, I decided to share my experiences, my good addresses and allow you to find the trip that suits you, with confidence and especially at the best price!

My trips :


Europe : France, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Poland, Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Great Britain, Italy, Crete Island, Croatia, Montenegro, Spain, Portugal, Sardinia, Canary Islands, Madeira, Russia, Slovakia, Malta, Norway.


Middle East : Turkey


Africa: Tunisia, Morocco, South Africa


Indian Ocean : Reunion Island, Mauritius


America : Canada, United States, Mexico


Caribbean islands : Bahamas, Aruba, Dominican Republic, Martinique


Pacific : French Polynesia, New Caledonia

"To stay is to exist. To travel is to live"

Gustave Nadaud