Wondering: who can help me make the trip of my dreams?

The answer is: my travel coach, of course!

I propose to help you organize your trip, at the right price. I assist you in the complete realization of your project, according to your criteria and your wishes, as far as possible naturally!

This may only concern the search for flights or accommodation, but also tours, honeymoon, small group trip ...

I browse the web for you. I use my experiences to find good deals, and offer you the trip that suits you. You avoid tedious searches on the Net, questions and worries. Thus, I save you precious time, and above all, you travel at the best price!

In short, I take care of everything ... No more stress, I become your personal travel assistant, your travel coach!


Rates of my services:

It pays for my research work and the creation of your journey log.

  • Search for transport or accommodation only: 30 € per service (payment is made to the order)
  • Travel up to 7 days: 120 €
  • From 8 to 14 days: 190 €
  • From 15 to 21 days: 250 €
  • Beyond 21 days: 290 €

These rates are valid regardless of the number of people.

Any changes leading to new searches after the logbook design will result in a surcharge.

You will find the General Conditions of Sale in the "legal notices" section of this site (mentions légales).


"L'Invitation aux Voyages" is a travel consulting activity only, and does not receive any remuneration from any provider, of which only the responsibility is engaged in case of litigation. Reservations are under your sole responsibility.

How does it work :

At our first contact, you tell me about your wishes, your needs, your budget. I give you my travel suggestions and I will ask you to pay me a deposit representing 25% of my benefits. From that moment, I start searching. We stay in touch and at any time you inform me of your remarks, desires ...

As for my own trip, I will be looking for reputable service providers, and I will trust the opinions of other travellers and tourism professionals.

Then I send you the link to make the reservations. If necessary, I can assist you in this process. Once all bookings made, I send you an invoice.

Upon receipt of the balance, I send you your journey log, including the complete itinerary, contacts, and useful information.

During your holidays, you can contact me if necessary. And when you return, if you wish, do not hesitate to tell me your impressions and your good plans;)

Mexican coast, lagoon
Mexican coast, north of Cancun